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Ideas in Motion: Beyond Microsoft BOOK

BEYOND MICROSOFT: the next generation of software innovation is a prescient preview of emerging forces that are changing the entire revenue model for the global software industry. Written by a software insider who has worked as a leading business forecaster inside the industry for over a decade, Beyond Microsoft provides insight to today’s rapidly changing technology ecosystem and the cutthroat software industry.

Read the prologue and three complete chapters for free online.... and buy the book, forthcoming in 2010!

PART I: Beating Microsoft 1994 – 2004

PART II: Burying Microsoft 2004 – 2014 PART III: Beyond Microsoft 2014 – 2024
  • Chapter 9: Pebbles Start An Avalanche... Disaggregation and Profit Vectors
  • Chapter 10: Minting Money from Mayhem… Riding the Revenue Wave
  • Chapter 11: Plugging into Purchasing Power… Consumers as Creators
  • Chapter 12: A Totality of Tipping Points… Computers, Connection, Consilience
  • A Timeline – Emerging Players, Vectors of Growth as Microsoft Dies
  • How to Win in the new Global Software Market (2024 and Beyond)


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